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Summer Outdoor Kitchens on Your New Deck or Patio

Outdoor entertaining is one the greatest manifestations of social living . As the sun goes down, and the fireworks begin, there is nothing that screams “SUMMER” more than a leisurely out-of-doors gathering with friends or family.

For those who remember hotdogs on the Hibachi and sitting under the apple tree on the weaved aluminum lawn chairs, the summer cookout has evolved significantly.   No longer pineOutdoor Kitchen picnic tables and flimsy paper plates, the backyard barbeque is an expression of your design tastes and personality.

The Hearth Barbeque and Patio Association confirms that gas barbecues have surpassed charcoal ever since 1995 and are now twice as popular. Gas barbecues can be installed permanently on a patio or deck, but which is right for your home? Deck or patio? The answer lies in your landscape.

For your own backyard retreat the general rule is that if the backyard is uneven,  a deck is your best choice. It can make the most effective use of the landscape by extending a level platform out into a sloped property. Another option is to have a retaining wall designed to build up and level the property for a tiered deck with a landing, walkway or steps. Serving as an outdoor living area, it also benefits in protecting the foundation from erosion and soil runoff.

If your backyard is level, the choices are endless. Now that manmade, maintenance-free materials are available, there are wood or vinyl, fieldstone, brick, masonry or decorative tile to choose from.  Concrete and slate are still the most popular choices for outdoor lining spaces in a level area and a strong salute to the retro. Concrete provides many choices, in color, pattern and selections at a lower cost.  Pavers are popular and now come in a variety of colors and shapes. Referred to as hardscaping, concete or other materials can provide interest, variety and rhythm to a landscape.

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Beautifying Walkways and Driveways with Retaining Walls and Paver Block

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Curb Appeal Designs Retaining WallsThe front walk and driveway are the homeowner’s first opportunity to make a lasting impression. Pavers, not ordinary blacktop or concrete, tastefully welcome with style neighbors, family, and friends to your “castle” entrance. Masonry can give your home another level of sensational beauty with retaining walls for wherever a sloping property indicates.

Careful design and execution of your dream project setsCurb Appeal Design LLC above the crowd in installation of flagstone, bricks, and stamped concrete. The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) states that “segmental pavement systems are the preferred choice for sustainable and environmentally friendly pavements in North America.” Results from industry surveys indicate that paver sales are on the rise as their popularity increases with homeowners, due in part to the increase in home value pavers and retaining walls can provide in addition to their aesthetic value.

Curb Appeal Design LLC meticulously services the Morris and Essex County New Jersey areas with quality workmanship and design to help fill the need for aesthetically functional walkways, entranceways, terraces, driveways, pavilions or paths.



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When it's Time to Refinish Your Basement

Do you ever find yourself lingering downstairs with the laundry on a roasting hot and humid New Jersey summer day, staring at concrete walls and overhead jousts or pipes? What if you could instead coolly catch a movie, relaxingly read a book or comfortably work-out or work-online in style? It’s not only possible but economically reasonable to consider revamping your unfinished basement. An option not only for your family’s comfort and added living space but also as a sound business decision recouped by the added resale value that a finished basement provides.

Remove the unused, slow-growth, gathering of storage boxes and transform your downstairs space into an all-purpose living area. The structure is already there, why increase the footprint of your home (and your tax bill) with an expensive addition? Converting an unfinished basement into a viable living space can be done with a minimum of effort and cost, especially when working with the creative, clever, Curb Appeal Design crew.

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Man Cave Madness?

A Refinished Basement, Porch, Garage or Den can be Renovated into a reclusive male oasis.

"On Thanksgiving Day all over America, families sit down to dinner at the same moment—halftime." — Unknownman cave

Football is as traditional at Thanksgiving as turkey. Aside from this important spend-time-with-the-family day, the rest of the year the man can retreat to his own private oasis (aka refinished basement). What better secluded area, with a drop ceiling and carpeted flooring installed, that can be made to be virtually soundproof. Here is where the male of the household can manifest his own personal style without impacting the remaining household décor.

I have been so involved envisioning and designing a new bathroom, this hugely popular man cave phenomenon has almost slipped me right by. Men all over the country and world are consulting with contractors and construction experts to help them transform basements, garages, attics, a shed or spare room into their own secluded lair.  Wikipedia describes the man cave as “a metaphor for a room designed as a male sanctuary, a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement designed without female décor or design influence.”

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