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How Does Your Garden Grow? Landscaping & Gardening Season

May 27, 2011 - Author: John P. Mitrano

Unless you were born with a green thumb, spring and summer signals endless gardening and landscaping out of necessity rather than enjoyment. The positive rewards a well-manicured lawn brings to your home and neighborhood have a cost. It may take every weekend from April to

September to cultivate, water and fertilize and that landscape maintenance takes valuable time away from family and recreational activities. Friends understand the reason “Sorry he or she is not here, they had to cut the grass.”

Successful lawns start in the early spring by loosening the soil, cultivating and fertilizing, then seeding, watering and daily monitoring. All this leads hopefully to success, which would be a healthy, thick lawn requiring manicuring, cutting and more maintenance. Invasive creatures lie in wait for an opportunity to infest your hard work with weeds, bugs, moss, ivy, crabgrass and the notorious DANDELION! Blink and your much-anticipated summer is over with missed opportunities. Had a chance to bond with your kids? They are out of diapers and need a ride to college!

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Cool Kitchen Renovations Inspires Meals & Cooking at Home

June 20, 2011 - Author: Patricia F. Mitrano

Our American obsession with food and eating is legendary. The popularity of celebrity chefs and food programs inspire culinary creativity at home. Ingenious gadgets, modern appliances and a tasteful kitchen make food preparation a delight, not a chore.

No matter what type of food you prepare, doing it in a creatively, well-designed kitchen makes life more delicious. Whether you are looking for sleek sophistication, old world charm or a touch of Tuscany, your kitchen reflects your lifestyle. Given the fact that Americans spend a large amount of time at home in their kitchens, through economic necessity or choice, it’s no wonder we rate the kitchen one of the most important rooms in our house. While there, many Americans are noticing that their kitchens could use a facelift, update or even a major overhaul.

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Save Money with a Staycation

Save Money with a Staycation While Making Home Improvements; A Great Way to Increase the Value of Your Home

May 6, 2011 - Author: Patricia F. Mitrano

Instead of the seven day, six night tryst at a tourist trap, homeowners can opt to invest in themselves and their communities with a staycation this summer. And as they are spending more time at home, what could be better than the enhanced lifestyle a home improvement or home renovation can provide.

Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies recent research estimates that Americans will spend close to $140 billion in remodeling and home improvements in the first half of 2011. Some projects give immediate enjoyment for the summer and as well as a return on investment in the long run. In fact, a University of Connecticut study states that regular maintenance increases a home value by approximately 1% a year.

“Now that we are into the warmer weather, homeowners are addressing issues resulting from the brutal winter we experienced in New Jersey” attests Mo Soliman of Curb Appeal Design. Soliman knows from his 27 year experience in the North Jersey community, addressing minor repairs now can save on big repairs in the future. “While we are at the job site is the perfect time to ask us about tackling those ‘someday’ projects” he adds. “Smart homeowners don’t wait until the major emergency but trudge along to maintain their home and enhance it for personal enjoyment.”

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Locks, Lights & Landscaping: A Few Home Improvements that can Ensure Safety and Security

July 15, 2011 - Author: Patricia F. Mitrano

As they say “The door to safety swings on the hinges of common sense." Sensible locks, lighting and landscaping, are security measures homeowners can take to protect their homes from theft. FBI reports indicate that a burglary occurs somewhere in the US every 15 seconds and 70% of those burglaries are happening to our homes. The summer season of July and August rank as having the highest theft rates. Easy access through defective door locks or old style windows occurs more often than most people think. The path of least resistance is the preferred choice and dimly lit homes with overgrown shrubs and foliage provide great escape routes. Perhaps an ounce of home maintenance protection is worth a pound of cure.

In a plodding economy, the threat of burglaries increases. Homeowners are working to minimize their risk and making their homes more secure and less attractive to burglars. The following are some ways Morris County’s Curb Appeal Design president Mo Soliman recommends you can safeguard against this crime of opportunity.

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